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Picnic stops Tesco construction!
September 23, 2009, 10:24 pm
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The picnic was great. A group of lovely people gathered near the existing Tesco, made friends and then started a picnic right in the gateway of the building site for the new mega Tesco. Two women dashed through an open gate onto the site and ate their picnic while locked to a dumper truck. Most work on the site was stopped, and most workers went home early. Several lorries arrived with deliveries, but had to turn back, when faced with the unusual gathering.

Those picnickers inside the site unlocked and left peacefully after the police said they’d have to arrest them if they didn’t. Soon after that, the rest of the picnic moved off to a more relaxing spot.

Meanwhile, some more people ran a information stall to tell shoppers at Tesco about the protests. This was quite well received – in a town with seven Tesco stores, most people have already noticed how difficult it is to find independent local shops. This stall followed on from a long weekend of running a stall about the campaign at the Out of the Ordinary festival.

The Worthing Herald came and have written it up with photos and a short video, on their website http://www.worthingherald.co.uk (Apparently the full article will be on Thursday)

We told a lot of people about Titnore Woods and Tesco, we slowed the building just a little bit, costing more for Tesco and the contractors, Kier. Also we showed what can be done with a few sandwiches and a bicycle D-lock, when we decide to stand up to the power of a massive corporation trying to take over the world. Well done to everyone who took part!

For those who were wondering, the picnic was on a weekday because there would be no-one working on the site at weekend. Some home-educated kids were lucky enough to come and join in. The contractors are not allowed to work at weekends, so if anyone does notice them breaking the rules, maybe you should let the council know, and us too.

If anyone’s considering doing something similar, you’d better get there soon, as the construction is racing along pretty fast.


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