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How to get to Titnore Woods

If you want to look up directions by postcode, Titnore Lane is BN12 6NZ or the Tesco is BN13 3PB

By train

Get to Goring-by-Sea station. There are pretty regular trains here from Worthing, Littlehampton and Portsmouth directions. Turn right out of the station and walk up the road, bearing left til a big roundabout (5 mins walk). Then go straight ahead at the roundabout, up Titnore Lane, for about 15 mins. Go past Titnore Way on your right and and in a couple more minutes you should see a track on your right signed’ Somerset’s fishing lake.’ Either head across the field toward the weird tarpaulin shack(it’s the compost toilet) or follow the track to the lake, turn left, follow the track round and turn left after the little bridge.

By bus

The train is cheaper and quicker from Worthing, than the bus. But the walk is a bit longer at the end.

From central Worthing you can get regular buses to West Durrington Tesco. The ‘Pulse’ bus goes every ten minutes in the daytime, theoretically. The numbers 5, 6A or 9 all go there from Worthing too. You can get these buses from Worthing station, the town hall, South Street, or near the pier. More on buses at http://www.stagecoachbus.com/south

From West Durrington Tesco, you go to the right of the building, maybe on the little footpath but they keep changing things round with the building works. You are trying to go pretty much straight on, across the field from the right side of the Tesco building. Head straight across, bearing slightly right, til you come to a gap in the hedge. There’s a odd big hole in the ground here. Head straight across the next field and you should be there.

By bicycle

We like bikes. They don’t pollute and they’re fun. There is a cycle route (number 2) along the south coast near here. There’s also a nice cycle route signposted from Worthing to Goring, although it’s not the shortest way to site. I think it takes about half an hour from Worthing but I don’t remember checking. Get either to Goring-by-Sea station or West Durrington Tesco and follow directions for those arriving by train or bus respectively. When it’s muddy, you’re best off with the directions from the station, but in dry weather you can go either way with a bike. A map would be useful, whichever way you come from.

By car

If you are coming from the A27, turn South onto Titnore Lane. Shortly before reaching Titnore Way you will see a gate after a house on the left hand side, followed by a gate for a private fishing lake. You can access site from the first gate you saw.

If you are coming from the south (Littlehampton road), park on Titnore Way and walk along Titnore Lane for five minutes or so and you will find the gates mentioned above.


Try asking people around for help. Lots of people know whereabouts the camp is, and everyone will know the big Tesco in Durrington. (There are lots of little ones but one big one.) If you think you’re really close you could try just calling out.

The site phone number is 07913 534 083. It should normally be on, but if you’ve arranged you’re coming you’re more likely to get through.


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