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Victory at the planning meeting, but…
The application to build a housing estate in and around Camp Titnore was rejected at the planning meeting on the 15 March. This came as quite a surprise, as the council have always seemed determined to go ahead with the development despite strong local objections.
The Worthing council planning committee discussed the many and varied objections, and seemed agreed that many of them were quite valid, but the one they found most compelling, apparently, was the impact it would have on the ancient woodland and the protected species in the area.
A whole bunch of people turned up to the planning meeting to call for the development to be rejected. There was a beautiful Save Titnore Woods banner.
So does that mean it’s all over? Unfortunately, life is never so simple. The full council meeting has still allocated the land at Titnore for housing development in the near future, in the Local Plan, which is the guidelines for how they’ll make future decisions. There’ll probably be slightly less houses. It might be a different company building the houses but what difference will that make to the wildlife in the woods? The Porkbolter http://www.eco-action.org.uk/porkbolter has a good article about it.
So life on the camp continues, sometimes agitating a bit at the ridiculously big new Tesco, sometimes enjoying the peace, sitting under the trees. There are some new structures built, from recycled timber. Some of the older and less useful things have been taken down.


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What the developers are trying to get away with is a crime against Bio Diversity.The habitat & land that would be lost to this stupid idea is precious & irreplaceable.Economic Development in name only!All power to yous in opposing this stupid,stupid plan to destroy another piece of our land heritage.

Comment by David

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